Talent Development

As appoinment of HDC as Industry Lead Body for Halal industry, the Talent Development unit responsible to develops the knowledge and skills of the Halal Industry workforce, serving the needs of both domestic and global markets, to maintain industry relevance and to ensure transition towards knowledge-intensive and high value-added economic activities.

The main objective of talent development unit is to align with the Halal Industry Master Plan thrust which establishing a larger pool of Halal Industry experts to meet global needs.

Industry Lead Body

Halal Development Corporation Berhad (HDC) has been appointed as Industry Lead Body (ILB) by the Ministry of Human Resource. The main function of ILB is to drive the development of skilled workforce in Halal industry in accordance to requirements of Department of Skills Development.

Halal Occupational
Framework (OF)

Halal Occupational Framework is the outcome of the occupational analysis process to identify the occupational structure of Halal industry.  The Halal  Occupational Framework is one of the foundations in developing human capital of Halal industry.

The Halal Occupational Framework contents consist of Occupational Structure (OS), Job Description (JD), manpower requirement and business intelligence.

National Occupational Skill
Standard (NOSS)

NOSS is defined as a document that outlines the dexterity required of an employee working in Malaysia at a certain level of employment to achieve specific skills. The NOSS will benefits all related stakeholders in halal industry especially industry players and training providers through a structured training programme.

It was developed together with the industrial experts in line with the provisions under National Skills Development Act 2006 (Act 652).

Recognition Prior
Achievement (PPT)

Recognition for Prior Achievement or known as Pengiktirafan Pencapaian Terdahulu (PPT) is a special programme to award Malaysia Skill Certificates (SKM) to  a personnel that can demonstrate skills that have been outlined in the Halal National Occupational Skills Standards (NOSS) based on working experience and achievement held.