HDC Mudahcara E-coaching will help you to understand and assist you in Halal certification process in Malaysia.

We are presenting a new approach for our award winning program – Mudahcara Pensijilan Halal to the ecoaching platform; E-ReHal. Mudahcara Pensijilan Halal is our award winning program in facilitating local SMEs in understanding and implementing Halal certification in their business.

Now, we bringing this program into the e-coaching platform as part of IR4.0.

To join our E-Coaching program, you have to register as our Halal Knowledge Centre (HKC) members first here.



This programme aims to link and facilitate the Halal companies to effectively participate and capitalize new opportunities and marketing channels in different segments such as modern trade, wholesale, retail, e-commerce etc. of Halal businesses in targeted markets i.e. domestic, regional and international.

Through collaborations with local and international hypermarkets as well as digital marketplace, HDC organize business matching programs to improve SMEs access to larger market.



This programme aims to share information, knowledge and experiences on Halal ecosystem through workshops and seminar by industry experts; Multinational and large local companies.

Amongst the topics are Halal Best Practices, sales and marketing, productivity to SMEs, e-commerce, Food Safety and quality management system.

The outcome of the programme will enhance SMEs competitiveness and readiness in the business.



Being able to access the right type of financing at the right time allows the SMEs to invest, grow and create more business opportunities. A good understanding of the options available is an essential starting point and enables SMEs to select the type of financing that is right for their circumstances and plans.

This program aims to facilitate SMEs to access the financial programs and products offered by Financial Institutions through one stop centre, imSME portal developed by CGC.

Who can join?

SMEs that are yet not certified as Halal are encouraged to join us
SMEs must:

Have products related with Halal industry

(Food & beverage, slaughterhouse etc)


Have own


Operated for at
least 6 months


  • One stop centre for Halal certification process and knowledge
  • Assist newcomer in Halal industry
  • Access to other HDC facilitation program

How to Join?