Sea Party Technology Sdn Bhd

Company Sea Party Technology Sdn Bhd
Chief Executive Officer Dr Lawrence Chieng
Address Tanjung Manis Halal Hub
Telephone 082-233 906
Fax 082-233 905
Product Chicken rearing, Canned chicken, Egg Powder, Liquid Egg, Feedmill


Sea Party Technology (SPT) was incorporated on 10th July 2008 in Taiwan as a private limited company. Its predecessor, Sea Party Co. Ltd was in the line of live and frozen fish products delivery, transportation and air flown business for the past 15 years. Dr Ray Lin is the president of SPT. SPT through its holding company; Sea Part International Co. Ltd is the pioneer investor for the development of Tg Manis Halal Hub, the first one stop Halal Hub in East Malaysia. Sea Party technology Sdn Bhd is a subsidiary company that produces biotech chickens and eggs.