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Opportunities On Halal Logistics And Asean FTAs

Date : 27-28 June 2012
Time : 8.00 am - 6.00 pm
Place : Traders Hotel, Penang


Halal Logistics is the value advantage to aid Malaysia in becoming the Global Halal Hub. This position is further enhance with a world wide recognised Halal Certification by the Department of Islamic Development, Malaysia.

The Halal Logistics Conference 2012 offers a platform for debates, questions and answers based on knowledge and experience on the developments and future milestones of Halal Logistics. It is also uniquely serve as an unforgettable networking opportunity for industry players and the Halal related agencies in Malaysia.


  • To create awareness and enhance knowledge among logistics and industry players on the Halal Logistics industry
  • To promote and describe the Malaysian Standards on Halal principally MS 2400 series
  • To promote the benefits and opportunities embarking in the Halal Supply Chain
  • To provide the platform for discussion among industry players on the future milestones of Halal logistics
  • To strengthen network among the logistic players and related Halal agencies.

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Malaysia Standards on Halal Logistics
Assoc. Prof. Hajjah Mariam Abdul Latif
School of Food Science and Nutrition
Universiti Malaysia Sabah

Mastering the Logistics Complexities of International Halal Supply Chains - Demystifying Halal Supply Chain
Dr. Mohamed Amin Kassim
Century Total Logistics Sdn. Bhd

Halal Logistic and supply chain linkage potential across the Thai-Malaysian border as a driver of IMT-GT economic development
Assoc. Prof. Pairat Watcharapun
Halal Institution
Prince of Songkla University
Hat-yai, Songkla, Thailand

Asean Economic Community: Challenges and opportunities for Malaysia
Encik Mohd Zahid Abdullah
Asean Economic Cooperation
Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI)

Imt-Gt Special Session : ‘Aspiration For The Success Of Halal Logistics-Networking’
Dato’ Faudzi Naim
Indonesia - Malaysia - Thailand Growth Triangle

Knowledge Sharing on Indonesia Logistic Management
Khairul Mahali
Deputy Chairman Association of Logistic and Forwarder Indonesia (ALFI), Secretary General Association of Container Depo Indonesia, CEO Sahara Group