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SUPERB Halal Chefpreneur Challenge 2017

SUPERB Halal Chefpreneur Challenge 2017 is a collaborative effort by HDC and TERAJU, through its flagship business-pitching program SUPERB in advancing Bumiputera Entrepreneurship, catered for the development of the Food & Beverage (F&B) sector of Halal Industry in Malaysia. Being one sector that has always been close to the heart of Malaysia; the F&B sector’s rapid growth demands innovation and creativity in not only food creation but the entire supply chain experience from the consumers.

SUPERB Halal Chefpreneur Challenge 2017 plays the objective of extracting talents from young Chefs, Cooks, Restaurateurs and Café Operators with entrepreneurial mind-set to contribute to the existing dynamic pool of innovative, creative and attractive entrepreneurs in Malaysia.

Winners will be awarded the prize winning of RM50,000.

 Applicant Criteria:

  • Applicants between the age of 18 – 40 years old;
  • Individual or already having registered companies less than 3 years in operations;
  • An individual of BUMIPUTERA Status or a group comprising of 60% or more BUMIPUTERA;
  • The registered company must be owned 60% Bumiputera and the Team Lead must own majority shares;
  • Application with INNOVATIVE, CREATIVE & SUSTAINABLE Food Innovation & Business Ideas;
  • Food of Malaysia Origins/HALAL - with global appeal.

Participate now in SUPERB Halal Chefpreneur Challenge 2017! 

  • Applicants need to submit their applications online via
  • Applicants will be required to sign a Release Form and Consent Letter upon submission of the application.
  • The timeline for the submission is be from 31st July – 13th August 2017.
  • The innovated product must be produced and presented for tasting.
  • Application Closing Deadline: 13th August 2017.
  • IMPORTANT: Three (3) types of submission is required :

                 1.Complete the Application Form  (Click Here for Application Form);

                 2.Upload a maximum 2-minute video recording on the cooking preparation and pitching of F&B idea (Click Here for Video Upload Tutorial);

                  3. Submit the Release Letter and Consent Form  (Click Here for Release Letter and Consent Form). Upload the completed Release Letter and Consent Form at the end of your online application.



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