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HDC Nokia Application

About Nokia and HDC Collaboration

Nokia is committed to connecting people. One of the efforts is to combine advanced technology with personalized services that enable people to stay close to what matters to them. Every day, more than 1.3 billion people connect to one another with a Nokia device - from mobile phones to advanced smart phones and high-performance mobile computers. Today, Nokia is integrating its devices with innovative services through OVI, including music, maps, apps, email and more. As part of the initiative to connect people, Nokia is committing its resources to work together with local Malaysia developer, TERATO and government agency, HDC to develop Halal Apps for consumers benefit around the world. The collaboration between HDC and NOKIA is expected to deliver a great impact in 2011 in terms of developing the awareness about the importance of Halalan Thoyyiban concept and building the positive perception about Halal products and market. Using NOKIA technology, both HDC and NOKIA are aiming on educating and connecting the community with the real Halal lifestyle.

HDC Halal Apps

HDC Halal Apps consists of 3 main modules:

  Module 1 : The Locator
  This module function is to locate Halal premises which are certified by JAKIM within 15KM radius using GPS and Google Maps.
  Module 2 : Halal Directory
  This module provides user with the list of products, premises and abattoirs which are certified by JAKIM. User will be able to search and filter results by states and industry sizes.
  Module 3 : Halal News and Knowledge
  Halal News and Knowledge : This module feeds user with the latest news and events revolving around Halal industry and list of ingredients and food additives (E numbers).

As part of the reach out plan, HDC and Nokia offices will work together to expand the database and technology globally by collaborating with various authorized Halal certification body all around the world. The initial kick-off will be in APAC, targeting on countries like Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand and Philippines. This is made possible by the collaboration of HDC and NOKIA, which will help to promote the Halal Apps in their local offices. Part of the collaboration points between HDC, TERATO and NOKIA is summarized as follows:

HDC - Nokia Application

In a nutshell, HDC hopes that this efforts with TERATO as a well known apps developer in Malaysia and NOKIA as one of the world biggest technology player will help to benefit the consumer locally and globally. We hope that this small collaboration will develop a big effect in terms of consumer awareness which will eventually create the supply and demands of the Halal market. Future plans of this Halal Apps project will be aiming on the development of Halal Apps in other smart phone platforms such as Black Berry and Android.

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