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Halal App Now Available for iPhone

In the attempt to help consumers locating halal food premises or restaurants, HDC is proudly introducing its inaugural Halal App on iPhone platform. This World’s First Government Halal Certified premise locator is the first module, developed to assist users to accurately locate halal food premises using the Global Positioning System (GPS) technology and Google Maps. Users will have the opportunity to locate halal food premises and restaurants certified by JAKIM within 15km radius from the current location. This software application is also equipped with performance monitoring system where users could rate the cleanliness of the food premises or restaurants. In the second and third modules, users will easily obtain mobile access on the halal directory and halal industry news and knowledge.

Users can browse and download this software application via the App Store and this application is not limited to iPhone only, but also iPod Touch* and iPad*. No cost will be charged for this downloading except for charges by internet service providers (ISP).

*Module 1 - Since the application required the usage of GPS assistance, the "Locator" is only applicable to Iphone.