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Halal Consultancy Services

It is part of HDC’s responsibility to nurture the industry in Malaysia with up-to-date and accurate information on businesses and consumer trends. In order to achieve that goal, HDC has established high-end professional consultancy services for SMEs and entrepreneurs in enhancing their halal businesses. The objectives of HDC consultancy department are:

• To enhance standard of operations in terms of halal compliance;
• To provide solutions which include project plans and implementation;
• To assist other developmental agencies in creating new entrepreneurs in the halal industry; and
• To assist on establishment of a Halal Integrity System within their organization.

With the current trend of vastly growing halal market, SMEs and business owners are known to face a lot of challenges in penetrating the halal industry. Among other things, the key scenario and challenges that are normally faced are:


Highly competitive market Few companies with HACCP and GMP
Few having export potential Production of low value products
Price competition Lack of product innovation and branding
Vulnerability to price fluctuations in commodities  

 The consultancy services HDC is providing are as follows:

1. Halal compliance advisory services, include assistance in halal certification application, halal pre-audit, non – conformance findings rectification exercise and follow – up on the halal requirements.

2. Internal organization competency development, which covers the enhancement of knowledge, expertise and technology to meet the current demands.
3. Establishment of halal industry development system, where we share and consult other organizations globally, who are intended to be a qualified certification body. Besides that, there will be sharing of business data for the purpose of enhancing business contact between local and international industry players.
4. Supply chain business process improvement, as HDC continues to establish relationships with various international organizations, our local industry players should be able to extend or market their products or services through this initiative.
5. Commercialization of R&D, creating opportunity for industry to promote halal products that can benefit consumers.