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Halal Cluster Development

Fostering innovation in the Halal Eco-system

HDC Cluster Development was set up to drive and facilitate the growth of key halal industry sectors or clusters as identified in the Halal Industry Master Plan.

These clusters include Specialty Processed Food, Halal Ingredients, Cosmetic & Personal Care and Animal Husbandry.

“Halal as new source of economic growth”

 The potential development of these clusters is imperative in making halal the new source of economic growth, and realizing Malaysia’s aspiration to become the Global Halal Hub by 2020.

The goals and the industrial development for each cluster are described in the diagram, which shows HDC’s pathway towards achieving each cluster’s objectives through the development and implementation of strategic programmes with key stakeholders.



The goals of each targeted cluster in the Halal Industry Master Plan



Specialty Processed Food
The aim is to expand production capacity and increase global market penetration, especially in the following segments: convenience food, functional food, ethnic food, ethical food and gourmet food.

Halal Ingredients
The effort is based on the development of alternative ingredients (product innovation), its production and trade, especially those based on palm oil.  Potential product categories include functional ingredients, enzymes, chemicals and texturizers.
Cosmetic and Personal Care
For this cluster, effort will be undertaken to increase market penetration and product innovation.  In light of the strong growth in the natural and organic segment, Malaysia’s existing capability will be taken advantage of.
Animal Husbandry
The attention of this cluster will be to improve or raise quality and health standards for the benefit of Malaysian consumers, to ensure sustainable low prices for Malaysian consumers and to prevent over-dependency on food imports.  Combined these will partly alleviate concerns on national  food safety.


HDC Cluster Development Programmes

        Programme                  Description                   Activity
1. Industry Engagement Touch-base initiative to identify industry challenges and recommendations to foster growth of Malaysian halal industry  • Cluster Dialogues,
• Factory Visits,
• Industry Clinics / Workshops
2. Strategic Collaboration Establishment of partnership to develop programmes focusing on new market development, R&D, commercialization and brand development & promotion. • Capacity Building Seminars,
• Trade Promotions,
• International Events (Brand Promotions)
3. Halal Industry Database Collation and dissemination of business related information for halal industry players • Halal Ingredients,
• Halal Certified Manufacturers

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