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Food & Beverage

Typically, awareness and observance of Halal has been highest within food and beverage, making Halal compliance in this area to be of great importance.

Unsurprisingly, the food sector makes up over 60% of the global market for Halal products. This includes primary meat, processed goods, bakery food and confectionary, with processed goods contributing around 35% of the total.

With the increase in global Halal trade, many countries are taking initiatives to capitalize on the growth potential. Malaysia, as a Muslim country, is well positioned to be the centre for the promotion, distribution and production of Halal food.

Throughout the industry, Halal requirements must be complied to at all stages of the production and supply chain, including procurement of raw materials and ingredients, logistics and transportation, packaging and labeling.

As the Malaysian government is focusing on increased food production as well as making Malaysia an international Halal hub, food processing companies leverage on Malaysia’s strength in Halal certification and the government's promotional efforts to capture the Halal market abroad.