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Nanas MD2 bakal dibangun secara besar-besaran
Sebagai permulaan kawasan di Hab Halal Tanjung Manis dijadikan perintis sebelum ke kawasan lain Oleh Jessica Jawing KUCHING Sarawak bakal membangunkan tanaman nanas jenis MD2 secara besar-besaran dengan melibatkan beberapa kawasan dikenal pasti di seluruh negeri ini dalam masa
published on 30-Jun-2016 by The Borneo Post Online
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Perniagaan makanan sejuk beku makin dapat perhatian
Masyarakat sibuk boleh dapatkan produk di pasar raya mini mahupun secara dalam
published on 30-Jun-2016 by
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13 halal restaurants to book online
An easy click of your finger to book a seat at these Halal
published on 29-Jun-2016 by Hungry Go Where
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BPPOM Perlu Tegas Tindak Pemalsu Vaksin
JAKARTA, - Badan Pengawas Obat dan Makanan (Badan POM) yang memiliki otoritas pemberi izin dan kontrol terhadap beradarnya obat-obatan perlu bertindak tegas terhadap pabrik pembuat vaksin palsu.
published on 29-Jun-2016 by
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DMCC signs One Belt One Road agreement
The Dubai Multi Commodities Centre (DMCC) has signed an agreement with the Chinese city of Zhongwei in the Ningxia region, to increase bilateral trade as part of the One Belt One Road (OBOR) initiative.
published on 29-Jun-2016 by Global Trade Review
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Halal butchers targeted in petrol bomb attack
A halal butchers has been targeted in a petrol bomb attack. Police said they were keeping an open mind as to the motive after a man walked in and threw a lit bottle of accelerant on Monday.
published on 29-Jun-2016 by STV News
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Neo Group says Halal certification for DeliHub renewed
SINGAPORE (June 29) Neo Group says wholly owned subsidiary, Deli Hub Catering, has received approval for the renewal application of the Muis Halal certificate from the Islamic Religion Council of Singapore.
published on 29-Jun-2016 by The Edge Markets Singapore
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Neo Group Successful Renewal Of Muis Halal Certificate.
published on 29-Jun-2016 by BT Invest
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UU JPH, Solusi Cegah Produk Haram
RMOL. Undang-Undang Jaminan Produk Halal (UU JPH) segera memasuki fase mandatory. Artinya, sektor industri dan pelaku usaha diwajibkan untuk melakukan sertifikasi halal atas semua produknya. UU JPH harus dilakukan secara gradual dengan mempertimbangkan tingkat kerumitan produk.
published on 29-Jun-2016 by Rakyat Merdeka Online
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Authorities urge strict adherence to Halal rules
Azaraimy HH THE Syariah authority in the country has urged restaurants and eateries that have been issued Halal certification and labelling to adhere to the rules.
published on 28-Jun-2016 by Borneo Bulletin Online
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Halal make-up shines in UAE
Halal cosmetics is perceived as the fresh trend in the beauty industry as demand for the products free of alcohol, pork and animal enzymes is increasing all over the
published on 28-Jun-2016 by Khaleej Times
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As part of its effort to contribute meaningfully to the local communities during the holy month of Ramadan, Halal Industry Development Corporation will be hosting a Majlis Berbuka Puasa with orphans from four orphanage homes, an old folks home and a Tahfiz school.
published on 28-Jun-2016 by Media Relations & Event Management
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Malaysian restaurant in Saigon with Halal food - Video Dailymotion
Malaysian restaurant in Saigon with Halal food
published on 28-Jun-2016 by India - Dailymotion
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Restos must register new menu for halal validation
RESTAURANTS in Brunei are told to register every new item on their menu for halal validation.
published on 28-Jun-2016 by The Brunei Times
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10 British Brands You Didn t Realise Shipped To The UAE
In case you didn t hear (though we very much doubt that), the divorce of the century is on. The UK has voted to leave the European Union, with a whopping 30 million ballots cast in total, and the world, understandably, is panicking.
published on 27-Jun-2016 by Emirates Woman
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Akomodasi Produk-Produk Halal, International Halal Hub Mesti Diperluas
Jakarta, Perkembangan produk-produk halal yang banyak tersebar di Indonesia, membutuhkan satu terminal khusus di pelabuhan Tanjung Priok untuk mengakomodasi produk halal itu baik yang berupa produk ekspor maupun impor.
published on 27-Jun-2016 by
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Discussion over contemporary issues of Halal food and their solutions - Organized by Halal Research Council
Lahore (PR) A special sitting was arranged by Halal Research Council to discuss the latest issues of Halal food and how we can overcome them. Prof. Dr. Javaid Aziz Awan, Prof. Dr. Sohaib, Mufti Muhammad Ahsan Zafar, Muhammad Zubair Mughal, Mufti Raees Ahmed and Mr.
published on 27-Jun-2016 by Booming Effects
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Dubai s new industrial strategy targets 43.5B additional income by 2030
Dubai has unveiled a new industrial strategy designed to elevate the emirate into a global platform for knowledge-based, sustainable and innovation-focused businesses and help generate an additional Dh160 billion by 2030.
published on 27-Jun-2016 by Al Bawaba (English)
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High-5 We had no choice but to close down
Translated by Google Translator KUALA LUMPUR (June 27) High-5 Consolidated Bhd has confirmed it has closed down its operations, saying it is abiding by a court order requiring all occupiers to vacate the premises which the bread maker was operating from.
published on 27-Jun-2016 by The Edge Markets - International
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How Korea is becoming the epicentre of the Asian cosmetics industry
in-cosmetics Korea, COEX Hall B, 159 Samseong-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul 135-731, Korea, 6-7 July 2016 Korea s cosmetic industry is accelerating rapidly and continues to command the spotlight as one of the leading nations in cosmetic trends, innovation and technology.
published on 27-Jun-2016 by SÖFW - Journal
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